Indigestion (ageernam)

Ayurveda says that indigestion is the root cause for the all
disease. Indigestion is occurring because of lack of digestive fire
(agni or pitta) irregular food habit is one of the main cause for indigestion, without knowing the digestive capacity eating too much food, taking old food,
recooked food, tamasic food also will lead this condition, eating without a
pleasant mind also one of the cause Indigestion and role of agni (pitta ,the digestive fire) In the stage of indigestion agni will become very less in stage
Indigestion and lack of digestive fire plays major role in gastroentero
disorder and Metabolic disease.

Imbalance of Agni in seven tissue (7 dhatus) will lead to auto immunity diseases.
So maintain the Agni in balanced form is very important for a healthy life.

Indigestion and ama (metabolic toxins)

indigestion will lead the clinical condition called: amavasta (stage of accumulation of metabolic toxins).
The main sign and symptom of indigestion is:  mouth sore, abdominal
blotting, whitish coating in the tongue, lack of appetite, the passing of gas
along with bad smell, constipation, anorexia, frequent indigestion will Cause pain 

Treatment (home remedies).

Principal treatments is to stimulate the Agni:

Fresh Ginger :
-5grms Ginger paste mix along with 50ml warm water and rock salt before meal two times a day
Long Pepper  (Pipalli):

-5grms of piper long-arm powder (pippali long pepper) mix along with 50 ml of warm water two times a day. Before or after meal
-10 grams of salt with 50 ml of warm water two times a day

Indigestion along with constipation: 
-5 to 10 mg of Senna leaf powder mix
along with 50 ml of warm water before going to bed

In case of indigestion try to drink warm water, always
avoid taking food at late night ; our body channels are closing after
sunset just like a lotus when there is a sun the lotus is opening after
sunset lotus is closing.

Ayurvedic medicine for indigestion:
Vilwadi gulika
Hinguvachadi gulika
Chiruviladi kashyam
Ghandarvahastadi kashyam
Pachanamrutham kashyam
Triphala powder
Panchakolam powder
Lavana bhaskara powder
Shadharanam powder

by Dr.Vishnu

Sih Neyyar Dam
Kerala, India

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