Pain Oil testimony August 2018

Alain Stant Really effective !! I had another torticollis this pm and I stop to see Joe who I warm it up with the hot water ... the pain is slowly fading to forget the torticollis ... The oil extends well it must last a long bottle like that, a bit like the famous rawleigh cream of my father who still has the same pot for 20 years ... Thanks Joe!`
Alain Stant 2 friends passed yesterday ... one with pain on one knee and the other with a pain in the hip ... I share the remaining lil of oil you left me and they found this incredible .. .pis it still remains hehe!
Marie-Josée Mongeau Joe Sunshine I loved it, and warming it up in the bain-marie (Joe thing) it's even more soothing. My upper back and my shoulders really appreciated and I slept well like a baby. I repeat the experience tonight for my lower back (lumbar sprain 😩)